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About Cognis EVO

Cognis EVO was born with the aim of being able to accompany you in the transition to a new labor paradigm that all companies face as a result of the continuous advancement of new practices and technological innovation.

For this, we tell you that we have services oriented to fulfill your business needs.

Situational awareness

Identify the potential internal and external threats, which day by day attempt against the generation of results of your organization. Having this information is key to allowing you to take preventive actions and efficiently address threats.

Process reengineering

Focus on your management and operational processes, for this we offer you a service oriented to understand, analyze and apply improvements to your processes on an ongoing basis, allowing you to increase your indicators of success.

How we work

We hold an initial meeting where we evaluate the specific needs of the client. Subsequently, we deliver a work plan detailing the areas to be worked on and the total hours of work required. Once agreed, we continue to carry out the actions of the Cognis EVO model, and we carry out the activities to work together and keep the client informed at all times of the evolution that is taking place.

Complying with the fundamentals of Cognis EVO method, six months after completing the implementation, a new evaluation is carried out in order to verify the correct operation of the implemented process, together with possible modifications that may be necessary based on the evolution of the client's business.
Cognis EVO method is adaptable to any heading, allowing to have a better vision of the real situation of the business and the potential problems that could arise.


Simple Solutions

Applying small simple actions will help you address the internal threats of your organization.

Anticipated Actions

Take preventive actions to preserve your business.

Continuous Knowledge

Know what happens in your organization, identify risks systematically, and continuously, and you will see the reduction of your losses.

Focused business

Focus your actions on maintaining and growing your business.

Increasing Capacities

Learn, apply and incorporate a proven methodology, which will increase efficiency.

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your business will allow you to identify risks that undermine your competitiveness early.

Cognis EVO Team

A multidisciplinary team and passionate about providing the best service.

Mariano Lopez

Methodology Director

Diego Della Barca

Executive Director

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